Breakfast Jelly Sampler


The Breakfast Jelly Sampler Includes 3 jars of our most popular breakfast Jellies. Plum Jelly which is sweet, tart, & packed with yummy Santa Rosa Plums. Strawberry Rhubarb is sweet, tangy, & bursting with flavor. The tart rhubarb really intensifies the fresh strawberries. Last our Peach Bourbon pairs sweet Texas Hill Country Peaches with the warm undertones of a full bodied bourbon.

Box includes:
Pinche Cactus Ranch gift box with Bigfoot logo
- 6oz Plum Jelly
- 6 oz Strawberry Rhubarb
- 6oz Peach Bourbon Jelly
2- 1.5 Oz Packages of Salted Crackers
1 - 2x2 Pinche Cactus Ranch Bigfoot Sticker