Story Of the Pinche Cactus Ranch

The genius in our name Pinche Cactus Ranch can be traced back to 2016 while my husband and I were homesteading our ranch. Primarly used for hunting & growing produce used in making our jellies, it is located in Rocksprings, Texas. It is here where our specialty jelly business started its roots.

While preparing our land for permanent structures to be built we realized not only did we have an abundance of prickly pear cactus, but also how difficult they were to eradicate. Being new land owners we didnt have the funds for a tractor so removing the prickly pear cactus had to be done by hand with shovels and pitchforks.  As you can imagine after 2 days of cactus removal the name Pinche Cactus was born.  Shortly after the ranch had its name we discovered the prickly pear tuna which is the purple fruit that is produced by the cactus usually July-September.  Knowing we couldnt let this fruit that was gifted to us in abundance go to waste we decided to go back to an old hobby and that was canning & making jellies together.   After gifting our delicious new jelly to family & friends our hobby quickly grew into something more and is now what we call Pinche Cactus Ranch Specialty Jellies. 

Being gardners & having a love for living off the land we both knew we wanted to not only make jelly but also produce the fruits and peppers used in making our jelly.  As of today we produce 100% of all peppers used in making the jellies and out source to local farmers for the rest of the produce.  Every jar of jelly is made in small batch to assure quality is in every jar.  Not only do we want to provide a positively addicitive experience. We also want to make sure every jar of Pinche Cactus Ranch Jelly is made fresh with quality ingredients from local farmers.